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Here you can find some of the works made by Carlos Rodgarman that are currently for sale under the RGmusic label. Currently we only accept PayPal payments and we don’t send the works physically.

With a heart of music, Carlos Rodgarman continuously explores its’ infinite and fascinating world, giving birth to “The RodgarBand”, his debut solo project. “The RodgarBand” is a musical collective featuring Carlos Rodgarman as a pianist, arranger, composer and album producer along with a cast of unique, sensational performers, via dance and song.

Master Score of this original arrangement by Carlos Rodgarman and Arturo Solar on high weight paper and signed by Carlos Rodgarman. Arrangement premiered in Hollywood, CA
The best look inside the Arranging behind The RodgarBand!

For this Holiday Season, The RodgarBand introduces you to this beautiful new instrument, the Harpejji. Featuring the amazing singers Pareli Armirkhanian, Barbara Padilla, and the Dukes of Doo Wop, as well as tap dancer extraordinaire Sarah Reich, cellist Artyom Manukyan and Paul Gonzalez on drums.

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